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Welcome to Interactive Opinions.

This website is offered to the user conditioned on your acceptance of the terms and conditions and notices herein. By accessing, using or downloading you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Interactive opinions reserves the right to change or update the terms, conditions and notices or products or services described in this website at any time.


The “Service and Products” is the online surveys and polls, reports, news, information, shopping, rewards, opinions and other interactive services offered. “Visitors” means each person who visits this website. “Members” means each person who registers as a member.

Rules of Conduct

Each member grants Interactive Opinions the rights and licence to use, modify, reproduce, publish, and distribute any information posted or shared in participation in Interactive Opinions’ services.

The use of abusive and harassing language in forum posts may result in your membership being terminated.

Each member will provide accurate and complete information for details supplied for member registration.

No visitor or member may use the email address of another person with the aim to impersonate that person.

No visitor or member may use a false name or identification or become a member with any other intent than the respectful and intended use of Interactive opinions services.

You agree to regularly monitor your email address and this website for the purpose or participating in Interactive Opinions’ services and products.

You agree not to place or store on our system information which is unlawful, or attempt to access internal areas of our system.

You may not change, publish, participate in the transfer or sale of or exploit or otherwise misuse any of the content or any part of the services and products.

If you use obscene language, abuse or harass staff or members using any form of communication your membership may be terminated immediately.


Any member can cancel their membership at any time. Simply send your personal details full name, address, and user name to enquiries@interactiveopinions.com.au.

Payment Information

All surveys and polls members participate in will advertise the rewards for the completed survey or poll. Monies will remain in members Interactive Opinions Online Member Accounts and payment is forwarded to the member after the minimum payment amount is reached. Minimum payment amount depends on the members preferred method of payment – minimum of $10 for electronic funds transfer payment method, and a minimum of $20 for cheque payment method. (Members may choose to defer payment until a higher amount is reached.)

There are no charges relating to member payments although members who prefer the electronic fund payment method must have an online bank account set up for internet banking so we can transfer your member payment. If no bank account details are supplied then Interactive Opinions assumes the member prefers the cheque payment method.

Member accounts are tallied on the last business day of each month, please allow up to 8 weeks for receipt of member payment. Interactive Opinions reserves the right to cancel or withhold payment for incomplete surveys or surveys submitted by ineligible parties i.e. respondents from the wrong demographic – state, country, gender, etc.


Rewards include payments of money, goods and prizes. Cash – Most surveys conducted will be for a payment of money. Products and goods – Products and goods may be offered for completion of a survey or poll. Prizes – A prize can be won by one of the members for some competitions and promotions. Terms and conditions for competitions or promotions are published on the website for members information. Interactive Opinions are not liable for any defects in the quality of prizes. All prizes supplied by third parties will be advertised as such.


Fund-Raising opportunities are available on the private Interactive Opinions site and members participate with the full knowledge that rewards are pooled by all participating members and donated to the member group or organisation. Members or visitors agree that Interactive Opinions issues the pooled payment to the member organisation or group only.

Third party content

This website contains content supplied by parties other than Interactive Opinions. Any opinions, statements, advice, services, offers or other information made available from these third parties are those of their respective authors and not of Interactive Opinions. Neither Interactive Opinions nor these third parties guarantee accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or fitness for any particular use.

Disclaimer or Warranty – Limitation of liability

Interactive Opinions is not liable for any loss, damage or injury (including without limitation any loss of profit, indirect, consequential or incidental loss, damage or injury) arising from the use of our services and products including information obtained from it. These disclaimers of liability apply to any damages, interruption, computer virus, defect, injury caused by error, delays in operation or transmission, theft, destruction or unauthorised access to, and alteration of information.

Each visitor or member agrees that the use of these services and products is completely at their own risk. Interactive Opinions, employees, agents and third party content providers do not warrant that the service is error free or uninterrupted; or, do they make any warranty as to the results obtained from these services and products as to accuracy, reliability and content provided.

Interactive Opinions or any person involved in the creation, product or distribution of the services and products will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or the inability to use these services or out of the breach of any warranty.

Interactive Opinions is not responsible for the accuracy of any opinion, advice or statement in the online service, nor any offensive posting made of the service by anyone. Under no circumstances will Interactive Opinions be liable for any loss or damage caused by a visitor/members reliance on information through the content of the services and products. It is the responsibility of each visitor or member to evaluate the accuracy, or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice or other content available through our services and products.

Interactive Opinions does not endorse, warrant or guarantee any product or service offered by a third party from this site.

Where Visitor or Member is a company

Where a member or visitor is a company: The Directors and Secretaries of the Member/Visitor jointly and severally:

  1. personally guarantee the performance be the member/visitor of all its obligations under these terms and conditions; and
  2. acknowledge the rights granted to Interactive Opinions under these terms and conditions.


Each visitor or member is responsible for maintaining their own computer hardware, telephone and any other equipment needed for the access and/or use of the services and products and for all charges relating thereto.