Business Clients

Fast and Efficient

Interactive Opinions offers one of the fastest interactive response polling services available. Survey results are available in real-time. Have your finger-on-the-virtual-pulse of Australian public opinion.


Our surveys and polls are a cost-effective research alternative. Low-cost in comparison to telephone polling.

Thousands of Australians

Interactive Opinions offers an opportunity to gain access to thousands of people who want you to know their opinions. This system allows targeted interaction with participants, who can be surveyed at your convenience.

Create a Panel

Want to be in touch with consumers? Create an online panel of your preference. We can build an online panel for you according to any criteria you need. A panel may consist of your customers, competitor’s customers, target market, community, or almost any demographic. We can build a panel of respondents who can answer your surveys whenever posted.


Thousands of Australians participate in our National Interactive Information Network. Two samples of Australians are available. Sample 1 consists of self-selected Australian Internet users. Sample 2 consists of randomly selected Australians.


Interactive Opinions can monitor opinions, perceptions, attitudes and intentions of our research participants. We can then provide clients with up-to-date information on and from their customers, prospective customers, members or electors.


Survey the nation from your own desk. It can’t get simpler than that.